GlenDaily (🏆 Winner at Valley Hackathon 2018)

🏆 Winner at Valley Hackathon 2018: 2nd Place. An innovative web application to enhance communication between Glendale city officials and the Glendale community.
  • We wanted to build a more useful platform for communication between Glendale city officials and the Glendale community than just an informational website.
  • For many, accessibility is a barrier to the ability to communicate their needs, express concerns, and stay connected with the city of Glendale.
  • We thought, we could combine the powerful ability to geotag maps with an open platform where users could raise their concerns and see them resolved in real time.
What it does
  • GlenDaily allows user to post reports on a live public map. City officials then address the reports and mark them as resolved.
  • City officials have access to an admin dashboard where they can view incoming tickets assigned specifically to them, broadcast alerts about new ideas, challenges, and projects, as well as post community events to a live calendar feed.
How we built it
  • We built the back end using Node.js and the Express JavaScript framework because we wanted full control of the functionality.
  • We developed a responsive front end using Bootstrap and Handlebars templates.
  • We used the Google Maps JavaScript API for the live map feature.
  • We deployed our web application using Heroku in order to have SSL enabled.
Challenges we ran into
  • Managing git branches and merge conflicts.
  • Learning a new API.
  • Accessing geolocation information from the browser without SSL in our dev environments.
  • Completing all features in the 4 hours allocated for development and creating a presentation.
Accomplishments that we’re proud of
  • Building the web application functionality from scratch instead of using a CMS.
  • Winning 2nd place at what was the first hackathon for all of us.
What we learned
  • Learned how to work together on the same git repo.
  • Learned how to work as a team and utilize each of our different skillsets for different roles.
  • Learned more about Handlebars templates.
What’s next for GlenDaily
  • As part of winning 2nd place we have the opportunity to present our idea to the entire Glendale City Council.
Built With
  • Express.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Handlebars.js, Google Maps JavaScript API
Check it out
Here’s some photos of our team, including one with Zareh Sinanyan, the mayor of Glendale:

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